Song Club is a different
kind of record label

Song Club Records was started by Kyle Benson in 2017 to help his buddies with their music projects. We’re now a group of musicians and producers trying to change the way our friends fund and produce those projects.

It's an uphill battle for most of the independent artists you know and love. The important stories our artists are trying to tell are difficult to market and license, but we think it's worth the challenge. Our favorite records never made Spotify's Indie Chill playlist, or expanded the assets of General Electric—we're lucky they even got made in the first place! With your help really good songwriters can spend more time writing meaningful music and less time convincing their friends to like their facebook page.

We’ve figured out our minimum cost
to make a quality record

After years of making DIY records, we've figured out how to get the most bang for our buck.

Item Time Cost
Recording 30 hrs ~ $2.0k
Production 60 hrs ~ $1.5k
Manufacturing N/A ~ $1.0k
Art/Videos 2-6 Mos ~ $1.5k
Marketing N/A ~ $1.0k
Total ~ $7.0k

We’ll always make good records

Having no money to make records hasn’t stopped us in the past. We’ll keep on making records whether you help us or not! But if you do help us, we can make even better records, and more of them!

Contribute to songthing meaningful

Making beautiful art takes time and money. Many of the artists signed to Song Club Records have saved for years to pay for their past records, giving all and having no money or energy left to promote those records.This dilemna has been solved in the past by the help of a patron or a big label contract to write pop hits.

We’d like to build a patronage that feels more like a co-op than a label. Rather than asking fans to buy vinyl or shirts that they'll never wear, we're asking for a monthly contribution. That contribution will act as microfinancing for tiny artists who want to make music to your ears but currently can hardly pay monthly bills. Becoming a Song Club Member sustains all artists on the label and casts your vote toward a future with good music.

Friend of Song Club

A warm sense of ownership, updates and b-sides from our artists, and a Song Club Member Welcome Kit™.

Lover of Song Club

Everything available to Friends of Song Club AND digital downloads to all of our forthcoming records!

Deity of Song Club

Everything available to Friends and Lovers of Song Club AND a god-like free admission to all live shows.