Emily Brown

Emily Brown is a singer-songwriter and poet based in Oakland, California. Drawing comparisons to Joan Baez and Joni Mitchell, her clear voice and carefully crafted lyrics draw from personal experience and literary tradition.

Sen Wisher

Sen Wisher is a pseudonym for Ben Swisher’s sentimental shapeshifter art pop—involving Stuart Wheeler, Stephen Cope and Sophie Blair. In mysterious Eugene, Ben seeks answers from volcanoes, vacuums and now birds, through increasingly unruly soundscapes. Yawning organs, bowed banjos and pitch-processed vocals reach outward. Only more questions return.

Alyssa Pyper

Alyssa is a queer violinist and poet, raised in Utah Valley. She has released albums with local bands Choir Boy and Quiet House, and her experimental prose poetry has been featured in Peculiar: A Queer Literary Journal. Alyssa teaches violin, records jingles for TV shows and commercials, and studies Writing and Rhetoric at the University of Utah.

Jake Lyman

Jake Lyman is a Salt Lake-based musician who who has been nice to his friends since 2002. He has toured with songwriter Emily Brown and is a member of jangle pop band Fragile Cat.

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